Table. 1.

History of the Ecological and Natural Map Guidelines (

No. History Main revised contents
1 2000.11.07. (enactment) -
2 2004.10.19. (partial revision) -
3 2009.01.15. (partial revision) -
4 2009.08.18. (revision of other laws) -
5 2014.01.19. (partial revision) Performance of entrustment of work (National Institute of Ecology)
6 2015.07.17. (partial revision) Adjustment of the announcement period
Improvement of preparation criteria for first-grade zones
Simplification of appeal documents
Change of the managing main agent for the Advisory Committee
7 2018.12.31. (partial revision) Simplification of the objection procedure
Improvement in the accuracy of survey data
8 2020.11.23. (partial revision) Division of announcement (“renewal announcement” and “nonscheduled announcement”)
9 2021.03.18. (partial revision) Creation of the ENM of areas (border areas) that are difficult to investigate
Stipulation of survey projects that need to reflect the ENM
Establishment of a mandatory period for announcement
Stipulation of processing deadline for an appeal
Notification of supplementary submission of appeal documents
10 2023.04.06. (partial revision) Stipulation of the timing of the renewal announcement (annually in February)
Clarification of the contents of the Natural Environment Survey Report on appeals
Stipulation of considerations when selecting a survey taxonomic group

ENM: Ecological and Natural Map.

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