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Fig. 3. Non-metric multidimensional scaling (NMDS) based on a similarity. The Bray-Curtis coefficient indicates a distinctive vegetation composition and relationships between species cover and soil-chemical properties. Seven species with less than 1% of the importance value were excluded in the NMDS analysis. Blue colored arrows indicate the significant variables (p < 0.05). The stress value of the NMDS is 0.19. Olive green circle, Cassiope tetragona plot; Sky blue circle, Dryas octopetala plot; Orange circle, Silene acaulis plot. C: total carbon; SOM: soil organic matter. Bistorta vivipara; Cerastium arcticum; C.te: Cassiope tetragona; D.oc: Dryas octopetala; Luzula confuse; O.di: Oxyria digyna; P.hi: Pedicularis hirsuta; Silene acaulis; S.op: Saxifraga oppositifolia; S.po: Salix polaris.
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