Table. 1.

List of 9 selected plants studied and their flower characteristics

Family Plant species Common name Code Flower
Color Shape Nectar* Pollen*
Papaveraceae Corydalis speciosa* Corydalis Lilac CS Yellow Galeate N N
Ebenaceae Diospyros lotus Persimmon DL Yellow Open E E
Ebenaceae Diospyros kaki Persimmon DK Yellow Open E E
Oleaceae Ligustrum obtusifolium Border privet LO White Tubular T T
Fabaceae Robinia pseudoacacia Black locust RP White Papilionate E G
Fabaceae Amorpha fruticosa Indigo bush AF Purple Open G G
Fabaceae Castanea crenata Chestnut CC White Open E E
Simaroubacceae Ailanthus altissima Ailanthus AA Green Open R R
Caprifoliaceae Lonicera japonica Honeysuckle LJ Yellow, White Tubular R R

E: excellent; G: good; T: temporary; R: rarely; DL: Diospyros lotus; LJ: Lonicera japonica; CS: Corydalis speciosa; AA: Ailanthus altissima; CC: Castanea crenata; DK: Diospyros kaki; LO: Ligustrum obtusifolium; RP: Robinia pseudoacacia.

*Corydalis speciosa is an herbaceous plant selected for the study based on our observation in the field this plant flower is a host for bumblebees.

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