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Fig. 3. Population units of the red-eared slider for 2000–2020. The population size at the beginning year of 2000 was set to 3.577 units. The “*” line represents the population variation for β = 0.99, meaning that 1% of red-eared sliders survive. The size of the population increases and decreases rapidly every other year according to the new effective capacity. The population size exhibit large-amplitude fluctuations over alternating years. This means you can find a lot of red-eared sliders in one year and hard to find sliders in the following years. The “+” line shows that population size exhibits medium amplitude fluctuations for β = 0.5. The “o” line for β = 0.01. The “*” line exhibits the population variation for β = 0.01, under favorable conditions for red-eared sliders, maintaining a high population size of 3.576 units.
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